8 moves in 10 years

As I was writing the last post I was thinking about all the moves that we’ve done over the years.  And then I realised that we’ve moved a lot.  This will be the 8th move in the past 10 years!

Our first move was right after we were married.  #1) We moved in with a friend of the family for  about two months until #2) we moved everything to California where Jared was going to law school.  #3) We moved to London for three months while Jared was working with a firm out there.  I was a tourist for three months and loved every minute of it.  #3) I’m not really counting the move from London back to California because we kept our apartment and just came back to it.  #4) Once we had Benjamin we moved into an apartment in Vegas.  #5) Jared’s job transferred him to Pennsylvania where we lived for 2 years.  #6) After I couldn’t stand living apart from Jared and Emma (who had already moved back to Vegas) my dad packed up most of the clothes and drove us out to Vegas where we spent 18 months living in Jared’s parent’s basement.  #7) We finally sold our Pennsylvania home and found our current home.  With this house now on the market it’ll be a while before we official make move #8.

This house is the longest that we’ve ever lived in one place.  With the kids getting older I really hope that we can finally settle down and make a home for the next 15+ years.  I don’t know if that will be in Florida.  And who knows, I might be destined to move every 5 years.  What I do know is that I’ll go where the Lord needs me  and my family to go and I will trust that He will be watching out for us because if I’ve learned anything over the past 7 moves I’ve learned that He has a plan for us but it’s years before I can start to see or understand it.


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