Crazy Swimmers

So, the kids came home from school today and there was a man cleaning out the pool.  We’re trying to clean up the house as best we can and declutter so that it shows well when people come to see it.  Joseph got really excited and asked if he could go swimming!  Remember, this is March, and even though it’s Vegas it’s still only in the high 60’s maybe low 70’s.  The water is nowhere near warm enough to go swimming.  I tried to explain that to him but he’d hear nothing of it.

We didn’t have their swimming trunks out of the bins yet so he put on some of his pajama shorts instead.  Just goes to show you how determined he was to go swimming.

I watched as he ran and jumped into the pool and quickly made a u-turn for the stairs!  I couldn’t help but laugh as he shivered and complained about how cold it was.  It wasn’t that he was whining but I had just finished telling him that it was cold!

A bit later, when he was done with his homework, Benjamin saw that Joseph was out by the poolside.  Benjamin ran upstairs and put on some shorts as well and ran and jumped into the pool too!  This time I had my camera ready and caught it all!

Even after sitting out for a bit, I guess long enough for them to get warm and toasty, the two boys decided to jump in together!!!  I don’t get it 🙂 .  I love the video that I got because after they jumped Jacob told me all about it and how he didn’t think his brothers were brave.  Probably because he thought they were CRAZY!!!



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2 responses to “Crazy Swimmers

  1. Jennifer Anne Davies

    We English would have been in the pool a lot earlier, you are not hardy enough, you have been having lovely weather, English wise Ha!!! xx

  2. Amy Combs

    I was just about to say….have you met my mum?!

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