It’s Official

I know I’ve talked about it endlessly the past couple of days but everything became much more realistic after we signed the papers last night with our realtor.  We decided on a price, made a game plan, and signed away!

This morning I was surprised to see a man digging around in my front lawn only to realise that he was putting in the “For Sale” sign.

Ugh!  That isn’t something I ever expected to see in front of this house.  Even though I dislike Vegas I had come to terms with living here.  I don’t think anyone “wants” to raise their children in “Sin City”, and I was no different, but I had realised that the facts were I was living in Vegas and I was raising a family there and so I dug deep and turned a bad situation into something good.  If I would have chosen to just sit down and complain about it all the time then that would start to rub off on my children and our home life wouldn’t be all that great.

I’ve already had one call this morning to see the house later today!  It’s exciting and stressful to have to keep the house perfectly presentable 24/7 with 4 little children who just want to live in their house.  Hopefully it will sell fast so we don’t have to be in this phase for too long.


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