Morning announcements

Today Emma gave the morning announcements in her school!  She has been practicing for a couple of days not and was so nervous when I dropped her off this morning.  When we were in the lobby waiting for her time on the intercom she asked me if I did the announcements when I was in school.  I told her I had to which she asked if I was ever nervous.  I realised that she was looking more for comfort than whether or not I was really nervous.  I simply explained that I still get nervous sometimes when I have to speak or sing in front of groups of people but what helps me is to take big, deep breaths.  We did a few together and I gave her a couple squeeze hugs and sent her on her way.  The next thing I know she’s speaking loud and clear over the intercom…

Emma’s morning announcements

She did such a good job!  I am so happy I was able to record her and send it to Jared.  This is his last week at work and even though he couldn’t make it to hear her I know he would have been if work permitted.


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