2nd Trimester Awards- Emma

So Emma got the Principal’s Honor Award again this trimester!  She’s so on top of everything.

It was so fun to watch her award ceremony in comparison to Benjamin’s yesterday.  Yesterday was all the 2nd grade classes and today was all the 1st grade classes.  It was so cute to watch the kids as they cheered each other on but then I realised that I didn’t think it was so “cute” yesterday when the older kids were doing it.  There really is a big difference of what is expected with that one year age difference.  It kind of makes sense because in 2nd grade they’re eight and we know that to be the age of accountability.  Maybe that’s why what seemed so endearing with the younger kids just appeared annoying with the older ones.  Maybe I’m just harsh!!!


Emma had her outfit all picked out last night and Jared was just enamoured by her 🙂 .  I love when he talks about her and about how bright and beautiful she is.  I know that will be a wonderful strength for her when she gets older!  All you daddies out there, take note!  ALWAYS tell your little girl how amazing she is.  Girls already have a tendency to be self-conscious and self-critical and by always reminding them of how wonderful they are you’re helping her to grow up with a healthy image of who she is!



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  1. Lani SamFong

    Congratulations Emma!

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