“Spring Break” birthday cupcakes

I got a cupcake order when I brought the rainbow cupcakes to Benjamin’s class a couple of weeks ago.  I love how that works out!

The little girl’s birthday would have been during spring break so they threw a big party for her today during the last hour of class.  Her favorite flavor cake is chocolate but she loves Snickers and Oreos as well.  I decided to make a chocolate cupcake with and Oreo buttercream filling.  If I would have thought about it longer I probably would have decided to do an Oreo cream cheese filling.  Oh well!  I made most of the flowers last night and I thought I’d have enough time to make more this morning but with trying to see Jared off and doing school work with Jacob and Joseph I didn’t have enough time to make them and let them dry.  I did have enough for each cupcake to get two flowers so it worked out just fine!



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3 responses to ““Spring Break” birthday cupcakes

  1. Ivonne Carpenter


  2. Hilda Lopez

    how do you stay in good form with these yummy things in your home?!jeje ur very talented!

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