We Live 4 Soccer

We had soccer again today.  It was a little tricky because we also had General Conference this morning.  Conference went from 9am – 11am and 1pm – 3pm and soccer was supposed to go from 10:15am – 12:30pm.  As you can see something had to give.  I was so proud of Joseph when he recognized the problem and decided to skip soccer this week.  It wasn’t without pain and tears but I loved him so much more because of that!  So, sadly, Joseph and Jacob missed their games and we were able to race to Benjamin and Emma’s game right in between session.


It was so windy but the kids still had so much fun!  Even though Jacob wasn’t playing he still found a way to pass the time.   I’m glad he found a place to sit for a bit because it got kind of hard trying to watch him and Joseph as they both kept running in opposite directions.


I had Jacob work a bit on his balance.  Everytime he saw a soccer ball all he wanted to do was run up to it and kick it.  That got a bit tricky when it started interfering with the other games so I made a game with him to sit on it.  It took all of his energy to balance and we made it fun when he’d fall off!  It was a great game!  And it was perfect timing to head right back to the house for the rest of conference!


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