My Favorite Shoes

I love all the shoes that I have, more than others, but I kind of figure if I didn’t love them I wouldn’t keep them around.  I didn’t really want to take a picture of each pair that I have so I just narrowed it down to two pairs.  Even that was pretty hard!

I am a shoe fanatic!  I love wearing them, I love looking at them, it’s one of the first things I notice about a person.  If I could I would collect shoes, but even now it’s hard to justify having that many pairs of shoes when there are so many things that we need as a family.

My first favorite pair is these amazing velvet-black stilettos!!!  I LOVE these shoes!!!  I love that I’m a whopping 5 foot 6 inches in them!  My feet don’t hurt after wearing them for hours and I can even run in them (down the hall, not a race!).  They go with so many things for church but then I wear them all the time for just everyday stuff.  I love high heels and my philosophy is the higher the better.  My feet don’t always agree with me after three hours of church but they sure don’t seem to mind these babies!!!

My next favorite pair are the new Steve Maddens that I got for my birthday.  I love that my husband picked them out, I love how comfortable they are, and I love that they’re so trendy.  I usually don’t get crazy trendy shoes but I splurged this time and they are just so much fun!  I love that they give me height but that I feel secure in them where sometimes in stilettos you can feel a little unsteady.

And there you have it!!!


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