Playgroup Egg Hunt

This morning we had our anual playgroup easter egg hunt.  Since it’s Spring Break, all the moms and kids get together at the park to start the Easter celebration off.  Each child brough 10 plastic eggs filled with goodies and then they would be hid at the park.  The kids would be set free and could collect up to 10 eggs!

My mom came by yesterday with new outfits for the kids.  They’ve been bugging me to wear them evere since so I thought it’d be the perfect time today when I would be taking pictures.

With this being a crazy week without the fact that there was a holiday attached to it I knew that I needed to have the kids involved in as many things as possible so that I could keep my sanity.  Sure I have to do a million things but it’s better than having too much time with my thoughts.


The kids had a blast running around the park looking for eggs.  They split the park up so that the kids under 5 went for the eggs that were scattered all over the floor while the older kids went to the other side where the eggs had been hidden really well.

It’s great for little kids like Jacob and younger to feel the excitement of finding an egg even though to someone older it doesn’t seem that special.  I saw the pure joy of those little ones running around and loving every second of it!



After getting all hyped up on sugar I let them run around the park for a couple of hours!  Nothing like spending the morning in the sun at the park!


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