Swimming Lessons

It’s Spring Break this week and I was going to have to do it as a single mother 😦 .  Not exactly at the top of my list but what can you do?

It was my bright idea to get the kids as involved as possible for the entire week so that by the time we come home and finish dinner they are more than happy to go lay in bed.  Sneaky mommy!

I asked one of the young women in my ward who is an excellent swimmer if she’d be willing to give my kids some swimming lessons.  I’d get the benefit of my kids learning and I’d be able to help her pay for girl’s camp.

Today we started in our pool which I’m not exactly sure if that was the smartest idea.  We’ve only used it once  (when the kids jumped in).  The weather has been nice but nothing spectacular so the water temp was in the low 50’s.  It was a struggle with the kids so we stuck to the stairs.  We’re supposed to have more wind all week and I don’t think the temps going to go up at all so I’m thinking a trip to the rec. center is in order.




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2 responses to “Swimming Lessons

  1. Mom

    Isn’t 50 degrees hypothermia temperatures???

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