Rec. Center Swimming

Swimming today was SOOOO much better than yesterday.  We went to the rec. center and you could feel the heat as you walked into the room.  The kids were a little apprehensive (probably due to yesterday’s swim) but the minute they touched the water they were in love.

Jacob was another story.  He was very content to just sit and watch.  Most of the time he sat on the edge or out of the poo all together with his towel.  The only time he’d come in the water was if I or Kami were holding him and he was wrapped around your waist and neck the entire time.

Toward the end of our 4 hours in the pool (that’s right) he would finally allow us to hold him at arm’s length but he still had a million floaties on.  I think it’ll just take time.


Kami did a lot of review from yesterday’s class which hadn’t really stuck.  By the time we left today all the kids could float on their backs and use a kick board properly.



Kami had the kids run a bunch of races.  That was really fun to watch because my kids are pretty competitive.  It got them to do things that weren’t doing otherwise.  I was really impressed with Kami and that she was able to handle the kids so well.


At the very end of today’s class she introduced them to diving for objects.  This was interesting to watch because my kids don’t like getting their faces wet.  They did what she asked but they stayed really close to the edge of the pool.  I think we’re going to the Whitney Ranch Aquatic Center tomorrow because they have a deep indoor pool with lanes that can really get them motivated and away from the safety nets.


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