LA Boxing

Today was something new for all of us.

A few months back a friend of mine told me that her son was taking boxing lessons from LA Boxing down the street.  I thought that sounded like fun but was worried that it would just teach the kids new ways to hurt each other when they fight.  Right now when they fight it’s mostly just words and the occasional push or shove.  I was sure that would escalate the minute they learned how to punch and kick a bag.

With this week being Spring Break I want the kids as involved as possible.  I wanted them to do things that they couldn’t otherwise do because of school and I also wanted them good and tired when it came to bedtime so that I wouldn’t get any resistance 🙂 .

The three older kids took the free intro class together while Jacob and I sat and watched.  It was all pretty fun and exciting until I would watch Emma sparing with Joseph.  That got me so nervous and I knew right there that she wouldn’t be back.  She totally proved that she could handle herself but I think we’ll stick with dance and soccer!


The funny thing about the two pictures above is that while they were sparing and practicing their jabs Joseph hit Emma’s gloves (like he was supposed to) and her glove went back and hit her in the face!  Good thing they were keeping it light but she was such a good sport and the two of them just laughed it off!


Benjamin really surprised me.  He was so focused and you could see him improve over the course of the lesson.  He needs to work on keeping his arms up but that will just come naturally as he gets stronger.  After the class he wouldn’t stop talking about it and even discussed it with his daddy.  I think we might continue classes for him.  It would really be good for him and maybe help with some of his extra energy.

I think I was kind of hoping for the same thing with Joseph, although he was the youngest student that they’ve ever had.  He did really well and was very focused and tried to be as precise as possible.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him work so hard!  On purpose!!!

But almost in answer to my question if he was ready to do this, when we got home he hit Jacob because he wasn’t moving fast enough.  He may be physically ready but mentally (age wise) he’s too young.  He needs more time to learn the rules and when/where we use stuff like this.  He sure was cute and exhausted by the end of the day!



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