Final Day of Swim Lessons

Today was our last day of swimming lessons.  I’m sure Kami will be happy to go back to her normal, non-aquatic days 🙂 .  We’ve been spending 3-4 hours in the pool each day!  It has been quite the experience but one that I have enjoyed immensely.  It’s been wonderful watching the kids learn and to see how well they respond to Kami’s lessons.

I do have to say thought that watching Jacob has been an extra treat!  I remember trying to swim with him last summer and how impossible it was.  Even at the beginning of the week it was impossible to do anything without him whimpering and refusing.  It’s amazing to see how much he loves being in the water and playing with the kids.  That’s going to be a huge blessing when we move so close to the water!

Something Kami taught the kids today was how to use the diving block.  On the bottom of the block is two handles that you hold while in the water and you use that to push-off the wall and start your race.  The kids each had to do that several times.  The trick was once you pushed off you had to swim back to the wall.  Joseph got really good at doing it and always had the longest to swim back because he’d push so far off the wall.  With the diving blocks only being on the lanes which were close to 7 feet deep, the kids really had to make sure they knew their stuff.


It was a nice afternoon of review and games!  I can’t thank Kami enough for all the hard work she did with the kids.  I hope that she enjoyed this week as much as we did!

We were done for the day and were about to leave when the rec. center opened the outdoor activity pool.  Kami really wanted to go down the slides and convinced the older three to go down with her.  I would have loved to go down with them but the crowds were huge and I had a feeling we weren’t going to be there long.


 As fun as it was to go down the slides it was cold once you got out!  There was a little wind but enough to make you want to curl into a little ball when you were out of the pool and wet!  Sure it was fine if you were completely in the water but it was nasty even a little bit of you was outside of it.  I was fine because I was dry but the kids were shivering like we were back in the 50 degree water at our house.

Jacob was all smiles, but then it takes a lot to get him upset!  I still have a few punches left on my card so we’ll have to come back when the weather is nicer!


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