Killing our Easter eggs


We picked daddy up from the airport a few hours ago!  The kids were over the moon with excitement.

When talking the other day I had mentioned that we were going to dye Easter eggs and he had made a special request for us to wait until he got back in  town.  He’s already made so many sacrifices for us the least we could do was stay up late and dye eggs with him 🙂 .

Luckily I had remembered to boil some eggs this morning or we would have had some serious problems.  I had boiled 2 1/2 dozen but when I pulled them back out of the fridge I couldn’t remember which tray was boiled or raw!?!  After a few minutes of shaking we decided on a tray.  We found out we picked right really quick because almost every single egg was dropped!  Either while trying to draw on them, or dropping them in the dye there was some kind of crack.

It was fun and we got some really beautiful eggs out of it.  Sadly there were no rainbow-colored eggs 😦 .  Another time I guess!


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