The Annual Remember-Where-You-Hid-It Hunt

Too many times in years past we’ve found an egg several days later because we didn’t count correct or even found a neighbor’s egg who had totally forgotten about it.  Lucky for us it’s always been a plastic egg that we’ve forgotten 🙂 .  We were determined not to make the same mistake this year.

With church being right in the middle of our day we decided to get the kids dressed before they hunted for their baskets.  We got Emma a little bolero and the boys matching ties that they could all wear to church.


The funniest thing was when Emma came in after getting dressed and she was all worried because her shoulders were showing.  I told her she’d be fine because I knew once she found her basket everything would be fine again but she kept fighting me on it.  I eventually had to tell her to trust me and that everything would be okay and she took me at my word.  I LOVE that she’s so modest!  Things are hard enough with raising children it’s nice to have her being stubborn on something that I’m just as equally stubborn about.


When we got back from church the Easter Bunny had come and hidden all the eggs that we killed last night!  He was really sneaky about it and must have really wanted parental involvement this year because half of the eggs were too high for the kids to reach!  Jared or I had to run and pick them up or grab the egg down for them.  Made it pretty tricky when trying to take pictures 😉 .


There were a couple of eggs that were found without jelly beans or pennies and the kids thought the Bunny forgot to fill them.  Imagine their surprise when they open the egg and find “monies”!!!  Yes, it was almost enough to stop the entire egg hunting experience right then and there!


There were a few minutes in there where we counted and re-counted because we didn’t have the numbers adding up.  Eventually we found them hiding in the bottom of baskets because we couldn’t see them.

All of this combined with what we got at Nana’s and Papa’s is going to make for quite a few egg salad sandwiches!


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