My Transportation

I drive a Honda Pilot.  I remember when we were looking at buying a second car and it was between this and a Toyota 4Runner.  I knew I wanted a SUV but being so small I didn’t want it to look like I was driving a boat 🙂 .

Most days my car looks more like a laundry service than a vehicle that transports people.  On Mondays Emma changes into her dance clothes and so has her backpack, lunch bag, dance bag, and change of clothes and shoes all over.  On Tuesdays Benjamin has his gym bag for boxing and then changes into his scout uniform that hangs in the back right afterward.  There are always bags and clothes strewn in the floors and seats of my car any day that we don’t go straight home from school.

This week it was a little more cluttered than usual because I have the t-shirts for the stake track meet in my console.  I just never got around to taking them out.

Oh the life of a “soccer mom”!


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