Reading that title you’re probably thinking… huh???

It’s the new (to me at least) Japanese restaurant down the street that we finally decided to go and try out.  The best part was that it was with the Combs’ aunts and uncles and cousins!  The neatest part was that it was a hibachi grill!!!  I was real excited for the kids to experience that.  Actually, I think we’d been to one other hibachi grill back when we lived in Lancaster, PA but that means that the kids would have been three and younger.  They probably didn’t remember much of that.

We got there before everyone else and had a bit of time to scope out the place.  Mike and Amy arrived next and they played with the kids.  I don’t now why, but all of Jacob’s pictures recently have him making this weird face with his lower lip rolled down.  I don’t get it but I’ve gotta document it because who knows when he’ll be over it and never do it again!


They seated us once everyone got there.  It was kind of fun to try to take pictures in the dark room.  I learned a few tricks from this photography class I went to and you’d never know this room was a black hole.  But because I have to open the lens a bit more than usual things get a bit blurry when they’re in fast motion.  It’s kind of fun to see it in some situations but in others its jsut annoying.  I guess that’s the price you pay for being able to see your subjects in the dark.

Okay, so this picture is just hilarious to me.  Abby and Garron arrived a bit later than everyone else because they made a trip to Carl’s Jr. for chicken nuggets for their kids!  I think Abby’s expression is priceless as I snap a picture of her pulling their fast-food out at this fine-dining restaurant.  I guess it’s a small concession to make in order to enjoy your dinner but exposure to new foods should start now when they’re more flexible rather than trying to do that later.  You get a picky child that won’t eat spaghetti or veggies his whole life (Garron 😉 ).

So they started cooking by setting the cooking surface on fire!  It was so hot and had all the kids shrinking away.  The fire died our really quickly but it left the kids pretty rattled.  They weren’t too excited to see what was next.  Although, Owen didn’t seem to be phased too much.  I think he was the only one.


Our chef did quite a few tricks that got the kids’ mind off of the scary fire.  It was so fun to see his technique and watch him create our dishes right there.  I was surprised how much the kids’ enjoyed their food.  When they were done eating their beef and chicken and veggies they went around to the other plates and asked if they could eat their leftovers 🙂 .


There was one last fire that our chef made and that was when he made an onion volcano.  He stacked the onion high, added a bit of oil to the middle and set it on fire.  I know it was a bit inappropriate but I snapped a picture because it was funny.  Our chef had this little doll of a boy and every time he squeezed it the boys’ pants dropped and oil streamed out to make it look like he was peeing on the fire 🙂 .  I’m glad the kids were too distracted by the flames to notice but it was a fun joke for the adults.

It was such a great dinner and such a wonderful way to spend our last few hours with daddy.


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