Fancy Nancy at Ham Hall

I completely forgot that today was Emma’s class field trip to Ham Hall and I had volunteered to be a chaperone!  EEK!!!  With everything going on and dealing with Jared it just completely slipped my mind.  Very uncharacteristic!

Woke up bright and early so that I could get the younger kids ready to go to a sitters’.  As I was getting myself ready Emma walked into my bathroom and, while looking me over, asked, “Is that what you’re wearing?”  She told me that it was a Fancy Nancy performance and we needed to dress fancy.  Didn’t I see what she was wearing?!?  Man oh man!  That was the last time I’d think to wear jeans and a t-shirt to go on a field trip with over 200 first graders 🙂 .

The bus ride was excruciatingly fun 🙂 – in a way that you’d only experience from sitting in the very back watching and listening to so many little ones squeal and laugh and talk to one another.  It was so funny that I called Jared just so that he could hear how high-pitched everything was.  There were boys on that bus too but you’d never know it by just listening 🙂 .


We filed into the auditorium and found our seats just as the lights were dimming.  The kids were so excited because it was an actual performance and not a movie.  To some this was a new phenomenon.

The play was about a boy that disliked reading.  His mom told him to go up to his room and gave him five books to read (Fancy Nancy, Pirates Don’t Change Diapers, Leonardo the Terrible Monster, I Have to GO, and Duck for President).  The books come to life as he reads them and they acted out each book.  It was so cute to hear the kids applauding and laughing at their favorite parts.  I thought it was beautifully done!  I was able to video a few sceens with my camera.

Fancy Nancy

I Have to GO

Emma’s favorite part was Pirates Don’t Change Diapers.  I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to sit together during the play but she made sure I sat next to her on the bus ride home:) .

What a great class!!!


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