Farm Animals

As we were leaving the church from scouts, Papa stopped and told me that the kids’ cousins were all over at the Connor’s home playing with the animals.  I knew we’d already had a long day and all I wanted to do was go home and get going on their homework and dinner but I knew the kids would want to see their little cousins so we ran over there really quick.

When we got to the Connor residence we were just in time to say good-bye to the little cousins.  Brother and Sister Connor were so nice to let my kids stay for a bit and show them around.

Each of the kids tried riding the pony and each one fell off… except for Emma!  For some reason no one else could manage to stay on the pony but Emma rode it and looked as comfortable as ever.

After riding the pony we went to the backyard which had a bunch more animals.  There were male and female turkeys, chickens, roosters, baby chicks, goats, and dogs.  The kids had so much fun holding the baby chicks.  They would scare Emma a bit when they’s wiggle and squirm because their little feet would scratch but she soon got over it.


We went back around to the side of the house and played in the play house and tramp.  Emma figured out how to mount the pony on her own and before you knew it she was trotting on the pony and looking like a real natural.


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