A New Day

Not another day, a new one. I had a great conversation with Bishop Burt last night, not out of any ecclesiastical necessity, but more so out of friendship. It was good to hear from him. Among other subjects, we discussed the recent general conference, and I mentioned that Elder Scott’s talk on personal revelation was particularly stirring. He agreed, and without my prompting, tied it to a talk given by Elder Holland at BYU on March 2, 1999 entitled “Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence.” Incidentally, that would have been my ninth devotional after returning to BYU from my mission.

I read it. There, Elder Holland discusses not the trials that come before receiving revelation, but those that come after. A particularly relevant talk for me. He gives three lessons:

(1) “Revelation almost always comes in response to a question, usually an urgent question.”
I might add as a sub-lesson from the talk that the adversary will try to hedge up the way and throw up counterfeit snares after revelation is received.

(2) “In the process of revelation and making important decisions, fear plays a destructive, sometimes paralyzing role. … After you have gotten the message, after you have paid the price to feel his love and hear the word of the Lord, ‘go forward.’”

(3) “…[A]long with the illuminating revelation that points us toward a righteous purpose or duty, God will also provide the means and power to achieve that purpose.”

With that, I came to the office this morning, and found that news of my transition had reached different colleages, and many had sent e-mails of congratulations. While the trial is no less intense, this was a comforting affirmation.


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