One of my greatest concerns in not being around for the next two months has been that it is a pivotal time for Benjamin. He is growing from a little boy to a kid, which carries with it more responsibility, more activity, and most importantly, more testimony development.

He had just begun boxing when I left, and I desire greatly to be there to watch, to coach, and to help him learn how to fight. I worry that any future problems will point to these two months with some version of “you weren’t there!”  If anything could hurt, it would be those words, and not just in this situation. Rather, I must have faith that me not being there is actually the remedy, and not the seed of a problem. All signs point to that being the case, and since we cannot tell the future, we must rely on He who knows the beginning from the end.

In that perspective, I would rather give up a few short months away now if it will help us to grow closer and be happier together forever. Each family has different needs, and the Lord must know that this is what our family needs right now. That certainly does not make this a cake walk, though.


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