My Family

This is my family!  My husband of almost 11 years, my three amazingly handsome boys, and my little princess!

As much as I love my parents and my siblings and their families they aren’t MINE.  That’s one of the wonderful yet sad things that happens when you get married.  It’s not that our prior family doesn’t matter anymore but it’s better defined when you hear “Family First”.  Yes, that’s true, but the definition of who is included in that “Family First” changes when you marry and start a family of your own.

Sometimes people forget that and cling to the wrong family when in all truth the only other person we’re to cling to besides our spouse and children is our Father in Heaven.  That’s a truth that I have learned and tried to live by and consequently have been incredibly blessed for that.


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  1. Makarena

    Que hermosa familia tienes, no hay duda que tus pequeños serán excelentes misioneros, esposos y padres, cariños desde Chile.

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