Boom Boom?

Really? It’s what they call the Friday 5:00 get-together here where the attorneys gather in one of the conference rooms, talk, and generally enjoy the alcohol that’s brought in. I have some trepidation, but can’t determine whether it’s about getting to know some of these people, or sticking out with water or milk.

I went. It was a small gathering, and everybody is very nice, as usual. I had some water and sushi. It was nothing big, but just a winding down for the week. It’s good to have that face time here at the office, especially since I found out that one of the associates that I had lunch with during my interview was let go last week. He had been here for seven months!

Things operate differently in a big firm. Not bad, just different. I am keeping my eyes open, but also enoying the experience. It’s tricky sometimes, but I will simply work hard and choose to believe in the best in people. Elder Maxwell said, “I would rather live being disappointed than cynical.” I’ll have to discuss the firm a little more later.


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