Teriyaki madness

Neat story… I’m selling a bunch of stuff on Craigslist because we’re trying to load all our stuff onto one truck so we figured we might have to sell some stuff out here and buy it again out there.  I know it’s a little weird but we don’t know what size house we’re going to be in and what the layout will be so there are some things that can be let go of.

So a guy came by to look at some furniture I’m selling.  In the process he saw a box that I had recently packed that had Seminary and Primary teaching aids in it.  He asked what all that stuff was and I started to tell him, not going into great detail, what they were for.  When I was done he had a smile on his face and he told me that he was a seminary teacher up in North Las Vegas!  What are the odds!?!?

We talked for a while but in the end he passed on buying the furniture in question.  Instead he offered us a free dinner at his store down the street “Teriyaki Madness”.  I normally would have graciously bowed out but I need anything and everything to keep these kids preoccupied so I accepted.

We went tonight and I have to say that it was such a fun time.  The kids had a blast and I have to say that I did too.  What a special little blessing for our family 🙂 .


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