Baskin Robins FHE

So the plan for tonight was to get done with Emma’s dance, pick up Benjamin from boxing, rush home to start making dinner, Papa come over to mow the lawn and help me burn some CDs and possibly stay for dinner, a YW come over for dinner and tie-dye her shirt too, tie-dye track meet t-shirts while dinner was cooking, get homework done somewhere in there, FHE, and bed.  Whew!  It makes me tired just reading that 🙂 .  Luckily or unluckily (I’m not exactly sure which) our night didn’t go that way.

Instead, we got done with dance, picked up Benjamin from boxing, the YW cancelled on me as did Papa but was invited over to Nana and Papa’s house for dinner and FHE.  Didn’t get anything else done which means I’ll have to do it another time but it still ended up being a good full night.

After dinner and FHE Papa asked if the kids wanted smores or cake and ice cream.  They all wanted cake and ice cream to which he responded, “Get your shoes on and climb in the car!”  Okay???

Next thing you know we’re at Baskin Robins enjoying ice cream cake!  For some it was more successful than others.  Well I guess I shouldn’t say that because they all ate their ice cream, it was just the way they got into their tummies that was a bit different.




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