So Jim and I went to lunch today. (Jim is the partner that I work with, and the head of the tax practice group for the firm.) We had a good talk; we seem to have a very easy, comfortable relationship based on mutual respect. After a lot of discussion about our families and their activities, I asked what he did for his weekend.

“Genealogy,” he answered. Jim told me that he was first attracted to genealogy from being exposed to the Church’s FamilySearch website not long ago, and has diligently worked on his family tree back to 99 A.D. in England in one instance.

It’s funny how, in talking with Bishop recently, he mentioned that I could serve by working on genealogy (in addition to serving as a Home Teaching Supervisor). I have a feeling that if I work on my genealogy a little during this time, some particularly poignant blessings will come.

A simple conversation, yet another witness of the Lord’s orchestration of His work on the earth.


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