My Happy Place

I have many “happy places”, one very big one is my home.  But when real life gets to be too much and I need to escape I always turn to a good book.

One of my favorite go-to books is the Twilight series.  I love that I’ve read them before and I can still read them again with the same passion as the very first time.  I read that series while putting together Mike and Amy’s wedding reception.  It helped me get away from all the wedding chaos and wind down from the day’s work.

Another series that I just finished reading that took me to my “happy place” was the series of The Great and Terrible.  At first I wasn’t all that thrilled with the books but about halfway through book 4 I started to see where it was going and started to really enjoy it.  I know it took me a while to really like it and some are thinking “Why didn’t you just give up?” but I guess it’s because it came highly recommended and I don’t usually do things half-way.  It’s all or nothing with me!


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