Dinner With the Stars

A few weeks ago Emma’s teacher sent home an invitation for me and my family to attend an appreciation dinner.  I guess each teacher invited one of their parent volunteers as a way to say thank you.  I don’t really know what I was expecting but I guarantee you it was nothing like what we experienced.

We were greeted with this adorable banner and curtains made out of butcher paper.  We were greeted at the door and given VIP necklaces and then ushered down the red carpet to where they had areas set up for pictures with the HOLLYWOOD sign in the background.  They had faux fur coats, hats, glasses, and all kinds of other dress up accessories to make you feel like a “star”.  It was such a treat!

There were so many cute things all around the room but one of my favorites, one that we didn’t see until we were leaving, was that I had a star on the red carpet.  Emma found it!  There were other names on stars along the carpet as well.  I’m assuming that they were names of other volunteers and helpers.

They served us a wonderful meal and had lots of yummy treats for dessert.

After dinner they had a little presentation where they gave us volunteers a certificate and a little trophy.  My kids thought that was pretty special and took turns holding it throughout the night.

What a fun and unexpected night!  It was so nice to get out of the house with the kids and not have to worry about dinner and clean-up.  I almost feel like Mother’s Day came a few weeks early.


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