Food and Shelter

As I read over Brianna’s blessing recently, something stood out to me: That I would be “cared for.” What is that supposed to mean? Why wouldn’t I be? It sort of stuck out at the time that I read it. Now, I’m finding out.

This week, I’ve had three lunch meetings, a breakfast meeting, and a dinner meeting. In part, my food is provided for! It has been a whirlwind of publicity and meeting people, all very nice and pleasant. The conversation is good as well. For example, at lunch today, our discussion centered on how to solve the county’s current water problem. The conversation included attorneys who represented the county in some capacity and others with connections to the decision-makers. While the subject matter may seem dry (no pun intended), it was quite intellectual.

We are also fortunate to be blessed with a wonderful family that has opened their doors to us, even though we didn’t know them before. The Williamses (Herb and Keren) have been wonderful to take me in and express their concern for our family. My heart swelled as we knelt around the table for Sunday dinner, and Brother Williams prayed for Brianna and the children, without ever having met them. What unconditional love! I am constantly amazed at our Lord’s generosity.


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