My Town

Technically I live in the town of Las Vegas.  When I write my address I write “Las Vegas, NV”.  There are big buildings, casinos, bright lights, and crazy noise.  The town of Las Vegas seems to never sleep.  There’s always something to do or see and everything is go, go, go!  It feels like you’re driving at a snail’s pace when you’re going 45 mph.

Even though Las Vegas is my town, for now, what I described to you is a far cry from the town that I live in.  Yes, Vegas is a crazy town but there’s so much more to Las Vegas than just downtown.

The town that I live in is windy and hot.  It seems that every season is hotter than it should be.  We never mind it in the winter time but we hate it when summer comes too early.  The town that I live in has acres of land used for horses and other animals.  The town I live in is dangerous to drive during the hours of 7 am-8 am and 5 pm-6 pm.  The sun seems to be at its brightest during those times and it gets pretty tricky to see anything.  The town I live in give you the illusion of driving on a  river rather than asphalt because of the heat coming off the road.  The town I live in can melt CDs and DVDs if left in your car.  The town I live in has a million shades of brown for you to look at.  I think Vegas is the only town where people rip out green grass to put in brown rocks 😦 .

As sad as my town may seem it has been my home for 18 years (on and off).  Just like with anything that you might not like or love I’ve come to a happy place with my town.  There’s always going to be something you don’t like about a place that you live.  I think it’s our human nature to find the worst in things, but it’s what you do with what you’ve got.  If my husband’s job has me living in a place that I don’t like or that I don’t want to raise my children in then I need to rise up and create something different.  I created a home, sanctuary, from all of the crazy things that come with living in my town.  By doing that and focusing on that rather than what I couldn’t control around me I have grown to love the town that I live in and find the beauty in a very bizarre town.


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