Our First Pack Meeting


Tonight we had Benjamin’s first pack meeting!  He was so excited because he was getting his Bobcat award along with other awards for things he has passed off.  I think he’s really getting into the spirit of scouting!

It was a little crazy getting to the meeting today.  He had boxing from 4-5.  While he was in class I ran home and grabbed his change of clothes along with my agendas for my YW meeting, also tonight.  I picked Benjamin up and took him to the church at 5:15 where he changed and I gave the YW presidency everything they’d need for their meeting.  I skipped it so that I could be with Benjamin on his big day.  We raced over to the park at 5:30 just as his pack meeting was starting.  Phew!  As it turned out, even after the pack meeting I ran by the church to see if they were still doing the YW meeting, which they were, so we were there from 7:30-8:30 until we all had to get home to our families.

Since Jared couldn’t make it I had tried to invite as many people there to support Benjamin.  My mom actually brought me a little present.  She bought me a lanyard to wear to each of these meetings and that’s where Benjamin and the other boys will put their mother’s pins on.  She wore hers to show me what it will look like after all three of my boys go through scouts.  One side (yellow and blue) is for cub scouts and then when they move onto boy scouts (green and red) they continue adding pins to that side.  I’m so excited!


The boys passed off a bunch more stuff at today’s pack meeting.  Each den was in charge of creating something (starting a fire, dinner, etc).  We had a wonderful chili dinner with smores for dessert.  Before starting the fire and roasting our marshmallows we all gathered at the fire pit for the award ceremony.

Benjamin was up first.  I left my camera with my little brother and when I got it back I had over 60 pictures taken :).  What a nerd!  He got his patches and belt loops and I got my very first mother’s pin!  Joseph enjoyed looking at it but I had to make sure that he knew it wasn’t his.  I think it all looked a bit like his Disneyland lanyard and pins and I didn’t want him to run off and try to trade it with anyone 🙂 .



It was a wonderful evening with family and friends.  It could have only been made better if daddy were there to clap and cheer Benjamin on, but I’m so glad that there were so many people who love him that were there to support and love him.



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  1. carolyn

    I like you lanyard. I’ve looked at a few since my oldest is just starting scouts. Where did your mother order if from? Thanks

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