Peacock Walk

After eating chili and smores, and playing on the playground at the park, Papa thought it would be fun to take a short walk down the road to where the peacocks are.  It was such a beautiful night that a walk seemed like the perfect thing to do.

We didn’t get too far from the park before we started spotting peacocks left and right.  We followed one right up to a big group of others.


We watched the peacocks for a while and then realized that there were a bunch of horses just a little ways after the peacocks.  Their owner was out feeding them and we asked if we could watch and even help.  Papa showed the kids how to fan the hay out in our hands to make it easier to eat from our hands.  I couldn’t get over how beautiful these animals are.  We won’t have things like peacocks and maybe even horses where we’re going.  I’m sure we’ll find some other animal that we can watch and pet (vultures and alligators off that list).

We spent a good 30 minutes watching, petting, and listening to the animals before we headed back to the park.  I’m going to miss nights like this.  Too bad it won’t last long here either.  The weather will get too hot here soon enough that even a night walk will be out of the question.  But for now, we’ll enjoy it!


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