Kind Words

Not to be presumptuous, but I just had a comforting moment. My office shares a wall with Jim, our tax practice group leader, and my desk sits against that wall, which is thin when I’m sitting there. I overheard my name (as I have over the last few weeks), and so I happened to listen a little more intently.

“He’s the best we’ve ever done!” Jim said, in a raised voice. That was nice, so I went back to work. A few minutes later, Jim came to the door to introduce me to the guest in his office. It was Bill Perry, the managing shareholder who had signed the offer letter that set us on this adventure. He was very kind, and we discussed Brianna and the children (he enjoyed looking at the pictures), and settling in. It was a very nice discussion. In retrospect, I suppose that I could have cleaned up my desk if I knew that he was coming in, but that would have shown that I wasn’t busy.

Awfully kind and well-placed words from Jim.


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