Bring Your Child To Work Day

I may have mentioned that there are good days and there are bad days. Today, there are children running all around the office. It’s made for a hard day, since I so wish that Benjamin could participate in this. He’s the only one that would be old enough, and would probably get the most out of it.

This morning is a bagel breakfast for the kids, and a pizza/ice cream party this afternoon. In between, they are going on a field trip to one of the historic sites here in town, then they will go up to Wayne Huizenga’s office upstairs. He owns the penthouse suite and is a client (he used to own the Miami Dolphins, my favorite childhood football team). They said that he usually comes in by helicopter for the day and gives the kids a ride. Benjamin would have loved that!

I was also rushed in my office (twice!) by groups of kids playing Bingo. They each had a paper like this:

And they ran around both floors collecting signatures of the different attorneys and paralegals! There were real estate paralegal, newest employee (that was me, I think), member of the Board of Directors, porter (yes, we have a porter), an intellectual property attorney, and lots of others. The kids all got to know each other and they learned to work together.

Coming out here was a step. It has always been a step. A step to working in my area, but at a place where Benjamin, Emma, Joseph, and Jacob would say, “My dad has a cool job.” My dad worked in an office, doing something that I did not understand at all. I now work in an office doing something that hardly anyone in the family understands, and from the outside looking in, it’s uninspiring. In fact, in Las Vegas, coming to work with me was punishment. I want them to at least be able to say, “I don’t know what he does, but it’s cool!”

Where dad works is a great influence on a child’s imagination. Its gives them an idea of what they want to do when they grow up. It shows them what they can do. With me, it was an astronaut, mostly because we were around military pilots with whatever it was that my dad did. There were pictures of fighter jets, and I made models of jets, and that was a step into outer space. I wanted to do that more than anything. Then we moved to Las Vegas, far from the Air Force base, and I rarely visited his office. Once scare during a flight lesson, and the whole thing crashed. I believe that I could have overcome it – gotten back on the horse – with some of that inspiration. Instead, my sights got a little lower.

When you ask a child what they want to be, the answer isn’t usually “a tax lawyer.” Doctor, astronaut, President of the United States. So take what I can do, and put it into a context that will inspire them. Today was one of those inspiring days. Plus, by doing that, I could remain true to a promise that I made to myself years ago. That promise was to never grow up, and I’ve definitely gotten away from that.

Today would have given Benjamin that inspiration. There’s always next year, but that reminds be of President Monson’s story about the businessman who came home for lunch to learn that the circus was in town. The phone rang, there was some pressing business at the office. “No, it will have to wait,” he said into the receiver. As he hung up, mother said, “The circus will always come around again.” His reply, “Yes, but childhood doesn’t.”

Oh, how I want to inspire them, and do it now! Maybe I am learning something here.


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