Crazy Hair

Today was Cra-Z Hair Day at school.  I forgot!!!  Things are slipping through the cracks and I’m getting frustrated.

I never would have forgotten something like this but it seems like I’m forgetting a lot these days.  I booked dinner with my in-laws on the same night as our YW camp fundraiser.  I forgot about the art project both Emma and Benjamin wanted to do for school until late last night.

I felt like crying to my kids this morning but then sweet Emma held up her hands, palms facing out, and said, “It’s okay, mommy!  We didn’t need to do it for a grade.  We can do it next time.”  The thing is we can’t do it next time because there won’t be a next time, but I understood what she was saying.

Emma came in this morning with her plan for her crazy hair which we finished in just a few minutes.  Benjamin chose to sleep in and went with flat hair.  I guess that’s crazy because he usually never goes like that.

It is what it is but it’s so confusing and frustrating to be working and doing things all the time and feel like I’m still not getting everything done.  Just two more months and then maybe things will settle down or I’ll at least get used to what’s going on now and I’ll get better at it.


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