Late Night Visitors

Last week John had called saying that he and Hannah were going to be in town and wanted to get together.  I had accepted not realising that we had scheduled our dinner on the same night as our YW spaghetti dinner.  Regretfully, I had to call and cancel but offered to meet up with him later that evening.  We decided to meet up at our place after we were done at the dinner.

The kids had a blast playing and talking and catching up with each other.  I’m afraid that Hannah might have been a bit overwhelmed because she had four cousins vying for her attention.

She’s going to be 10 in a few short months and that’s really hitting home.  I remember when she was born.  Even though I wasn’t there (living in London at the time) I remember coming home and spending Christmas with her and loving every minute I spent with her.  She has become a beautiful and well-rounded young lady and I can’t wait to watcher her grow up over the next 10 years.  I only hope that our being so far away won’t hinder that at all.


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