Dutch Oven Cook-off

As if we hadn’t had enough ward activities the past two days, we had our high priest dutch oven cook-off tonight.  I’m sure the food was wonderful and that the park and weather were amazing too but I have to admit tha I wasn’t really paying much attention to any of that.

At 3:00 this afternoon I got a call from Jared asking me what I was doing.  At that time I was doing naps and food with the kids after a long morning and afternoon of soccer.  I wasn’t in one of the best moods and answered that I was busy and asked if it could wait.  He then asked me if I could do him a favor and drop by the airport.  Me being completely clueless asked him what for?!?!  You see where this is going?  Well I didn’t!  He said that he’d love us to come pick him up but he could take a taxi home if we were too busy.  OH!!!  We rushed down to grab him and finish our errands with him in tow.  Everything seemed to be a million and one times better than before.  They were the same chores and errands but our whole family’s spirits were lifted with him home.

I felt a little bad that my heart wasn’t in the cook-off.  I was being a bit selfish and didn’t want to share Jared with the rest of the ward but I knew he had friends that wanted to see him too.


Michael showed up for some fun and food.  He kept the kids occupied which didn’t take a whole lot of effort.  They love it when he’s around!  They played frisbee and soccer.  They played on the swings and ran and rolled around on the grass.  It was a beautiful night and it was so nice to be with friends again.  With last night’s dinner, tonight’s get together, and church tomorrow we will have spent a lot of time with our ward family this weekend.

In all honesty, we couldn’t wait to get home with daddy and just hang out together!


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