On Monday, I had the inclination to request a flight home for the weekend. I had no idea why, since I had no plans to come home yet. So I ignored the nudge. It came and went over the next couple of days, and each time, I pushed it inside. On Wednesday, not only did the prompting come again, but so did the thought of what happens when we ignore promptings. It’s never good.

I e-mailed the request on Wednesday to the airline, and told them that I wasn’t sure if I would use the reservation, but it was “just in case.” I still didn’t plan to go, although I missed Brianna and the children dearly. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t go if it would make anything more difficult for Brianna.

On Thursday morning, I awoke to a comforting message from my sweet wife. “I wouldn’t be upset if you came out,” she said. “I just want you to think about when you do.” Clearly, this would not be a regular habit, but the prompting had been given. While the message was beautiful, I was still unsure. After all, we usually need to request flights a week in advance. I put my head down and by some willpower, focused on my work and the deadlines ahead.

During the day Thursday, I talked to Brianna about all of the work that she had to do for the Young Women’s dinner, which included chopping boxes of lettuce and assisting with setup for Friday. I already feel bad that she won’t be enjoying the fruit of her labors in attending girls’ camp, and now I truly wanted to rub her arms and feet after all of her hard work!

By Friday morning, I had started to see that I should go, but there was no flight confirmation. I packed, and planned to stay working at the office until my flight time Saturday morning, if it came through. I met my deadline late Friday night, with still no confirmation after I had called the airline. The plane was to leave Saturday at 9:30am. At 4:00am, Brianna called, worried that someone was in the house. All turned out to be well, but if there was any question before as to whether I should come home, it was gone now. My phone buzzed periodically indicating the arrival of a new e-mail, but it repeatedly turned out to be spam.

Had I waited too long? Would the consequence of not heeding a divine prompting mean another week before enjoying the companionship of my family? Oh, how sorry I was! At 5:55am and much praying, I received a confirmation e-mail, and I understood a little bit better the Lord’s tender mercies.

My heart is filled with gratitude for those tender mercies, and for my family. I am grateful for the ability to see them over the weekend. It rejuvenates my soul, and I hope that it provides some relief for my dear, sweet wife, despite the disruptions.


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