My Friends

I know you can’t see their faces and I know I won’t remember all of their names 10 years from now but I know they’re my friends.  These are some of the members of my ward family and they are amazing people.

It seems that in each place that we move we automatically have a support group and friends because of the church.  With that as a foundation, as I get to know those members there are a few that stand out and that I bound with a little more than others.  In each ward I have left with at least one, if not more, long-lasting friendship.  There have always been the pseudo-mother/father figures and as we had children they became pseudo-grandparents.  Then there are the friends that have lasted from high school and other that started because we became family.

The one connective thread in all of these friendships has been the gospel.  I’m looking forward to seeing what new friendships I can create in Florida!


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