Art Festival

Tonight was so much fun!

I have kept Joseph home for the past couple days from school because of his cough and I just wanted to make sure that he didn’t get worse.  I knew that the school was having an art fair but wasn’t planning on going because of Joseph.  That was until I just about got my head chopped off from the other kids because they wanted to share their work with me.  I figured that it would be okay to go for a little while and the big kids would get homework passes for tonight’s homework.

The school was completely transformed into galleries where different art work was being held.  Each of the kids got a scavenger form that they needed to fill out in order to get their homework pass for the night.  It was so wonderful because it introduced and elaborated on different pieces that were on display.  The kids had fun walking around and finding the answers.  I thought that was a pretty good way to get the kids really involved in the night but also a wonderful way for them to earn that homework pass.  I love the fact that it wasn’t just handed to them but that they really had to work for it.


The art room was “transformed” into the sculpture gallery where you could find

As we made our way around the school there were pieces that I recognized from the kids bringing them home over the course of the school year.  Originally I dismissed them as colorings, not really realizing that they were learning shading, composition, and different famous artists and they’re artwork.  It was wonderful to see the pieces of art that were discussed over the year and to see examples of the children’s interpretation of those pieces.



One of the many highlights of the evening was seeing the little envelopes next to each art piece for people to leave comment cards in.  The kids were thrilled when they saw that people were leaving comments on their work!

“Gallery K” had one entire wall devoted to the Preschool’s artwork.  Ms Carri had lovingly named it her farm but omitted the prefix “old”.  Each of the children decorated ducks with tissue paper, finger-painted their pigs brown, and made black dots on their cows using the edge of a cup.


We have so much to look forward to when these pieces get taken down but for now they’re up for all the world to see.  Well, at least all the world that passes through the school halls!!!


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