I love reading which was probably the only upside to having sick kids this week.

I was able to finish three beautiful books by Sarah M. Eden.  They were clean, relatively short (250 pages), and so sweet.  I’m a huge fan of Jane Austen which probably helped me fall in love with these books since they are set in the same time period.

It started when a dear friend of mine offered to lend me her book that she read in one night.  She warned me that it was addicting but I don’t think I really believed her.  24 hours later, The Kiss of a Stranger was read and I was searching for more books by the author.  Come to find out she had two other books that came before this one and a spin-off of one of the characters in the book.  I quickly downloaded them to my phone and started reading.  I think this is something I’m going to invest in.  I’m in my car so much that it only makes sense to have more books downloaded.

I love when you can find a good book that sucks you into the pages and you’re almost heartbroken to leave.  My nights were spent with a huge smile on my face, even though there was no one around to see.


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