Seis de Mayo

I know, I know.  Cinco de Mayo was yesterday but my family was so nice to postpone our celebration until tonight.  The kids just haven’t been feeling all that well, albeit much better than a few days ago, I just wanted them to get to bed early so that we could go to church.  Well, that plan blew up in my face!  We got to bed early enough but no one, not even me, got up in time to go to church.  I completely overslept.  I think all the sleepless nights are adding up.  I could have pushed it and had the kids rush to get ready but with all the crazy sicknesses that are going around I knew it would be just my luck to have them catch something else and then spend all of next week trying to get them better.

My dad made his ever-famous enchiladas!!!  They smelled divine when you walked through the front door.  I think it’s so funny that even though my mother is the hispanic one it’s my dad that makes the mouth-watering Mexican dinner.

While the food he made is spicy it’s not fire-in-your-mouth hot!  The way my mom was waving her hands at her mouth you would have expected to see flames leaping out at any second 🙂 .  Jacob solved the problem by having two glasses of liquid at his disposal.  One with pink lemonade and one with water.

The big kids took advantage of the beautiful Sunday evening by eating out on the back porch.  I think they’re also really happy to be out of the house and free from sickness.


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