Teacher Appreciation Week- Monday

So, remember how I was telling you that things are slipping my memory and I can’t seem to stay on top of things any more?  Well, today was no different!

Actually it was late last night that I realised that today was the start of Teacher Appreciation Week at the school.  I had wanted to do stuff, just like I’d done in other years, for the kids’ teachers but I hadn’t planned anything out.  So, I scoured my craft closet for anything that I could use for the first day’s gifts.  Luckily, I had saved a lot of those glass jars from Michael and Amy’s wedding.

I grabbed a couple of jars and used some Goo-Gone to get the sticky residue off the sides.  I had a 60 pack of pencils just for our everyday household use that I had to break into.  I’ll just have to replace it another time.  A few minutes on the computer and I have a great little tag for their teacher gifts.

I know some people might not understand why I’d go through the trouble especially since I forgot anyway.  Education is a bid deal in our house.  It extends past the hours that the kids are at school and I know how important it is for them at their age in securing a love for learning and seeking out that knowledge in their futures.  We have really been blessed with amazing teachers who have fit each of the kids’ personalities.  There were times when Benjamin would have a teacher and I loved how well he progressed and so had secretly hoped for that same teacher for Emma.  When she was assigned a different teacher I was apprehensive and maybe even a little sad but it turned out to be better that way.  I guess with each child being different and having different strengths it’s better that they have someone who can work with those strengths and really make them blossom.

And that’s exactly what has happened!  My kids’ teachers deserve a lot more than just this week of recognition but I hope that this week they can get a little glimpse of how truly thankful we are for them!


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