Health Report

So, we had a health fair today. You get your blood pressure taken and they take some blood and analyze it. Since I haven’t been to a doctor since before my mission (16 years?), I thought it would be good to go. I am happy to report that running is keeping me healthy. Fancy that.

My blood pressure is still too low to donate blood. In fact, I’m still either legally or borderline legally dead. Not enough stress, I guess. Note: That is NOT an invitation.

My total cholesterol is low (which is good). But, my good cholesterol needs to be increased. And they said that my blood sugar is really good. So, what the health people told me that I need:

  • Eat more oily fish (or those fish oil capsules, for good cholesterol)
  • Keep running
  • Doctor’s visit once every 2 years

They also mentioned that if I drink alcohol, it’s not good, smoking’s not good, and I mentioned coffee also, and they said I must be doing something right! Ah, the blessings of the gospel!


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