Teacher Appreciation Week- Tuesday

I was more prepared for today as far as teacher treats go.  I found these great jars at World Market for only $1.99 each.  You really can’t go wrong with something like that!

They had that nice green tint to the glass which made it feel more vintage.  I printed off a couple of labels to give it that look of an old apothecary jar.  I got a bag of sixlets (chocolate covered candy balls) and poured them in the jars.  Being a stay at home mother of four little ones I always have a little stash of chocolate to help me through the day.  I’m sure that teaching a classroom or 20 six or eight year olds could have the same effect and so I made sure that they had some chocolate at their disposal 🙂 .

It wasn’t until this morning that Emma looked at her jar and said, “That looks amazing!  I wish they were all green because that’s Mrs. Daskas’ favorite color!”  As soon as she said that Benjamin piped in that Mrs. Sauceda’s favorite color was red!  You can’t say something like that to me and expect me to forget it or just let it go.  So, I quickly dumped out the candies and sorted the red and green ones out and put them back in their respective containers.

I have to admit that it looked nicer that way!



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