Teacher Appreciation Week- Wednesday

I wish I had taken a picture of these before I wrapped them up.  I made a four layer chocolate fudge cake and layered it with a thick chocolate mousse.  I was at IKEA several months ago and they had these great tin cans on sale for only $0.76 so I grabbed a handful, knowing I could use them for plants or for other baking needs.  I was going to bake the cake right inside the can but I knew it wouldn’t cook evenly (burning on the sides and leaving the center under cooked).  So I made a large cake and cut it into smaller circles to fit inside and layered the mousse in between each layer.  For the very top I was going to just use regular buttercream frosting for the grass but I knew it would get messy with the kids carrying them into school so I opted for royal icing which hardened and made for a nice little crunchy candy surface.

I used this adorable printable from my friend Jen over at Eighteen25.  She used it in a pot of actual grass but I just took it a little further and made a cake out of it.  I put each of the kids’ pictures on a flower cut-out and slipped it in there too.  They turned out so super cute and a lot easier than I would have thought.  This will be a great lunch snack for the teachers or a dessert to share with their families!

For Joseph and Jacob it was a little different.  The boys only have school Monday – Thursday so I knew I wanted their big cake for tomorrow and I didn’t have enough energy to make three different cakes today and tomorrow so I opted for something a little more useful for their teacher.  I have a bunch of clipboards in my craft room so I grabbed one and a had the boys pick out which theme we would go with.  I had Sesame Street ABC’s and monkeys.  They opted for the monkeys!  I think it had to do with the fact that we used them for Jacob’s last birthday party and they still remember them 🙂 .  A little cutting, inking, glueing, and stickering and we had a beautiful clipboard for the boys’ teacher!


Joseph created a beautiful letter and Jacob got to be the lucky one to carry it into class.  She’ll be able to use now and even if/when she decides to become a Developmental Specialist and work with the state or on her own.  She’s a wonderful teacher/therapist and couldn’t be happier to have her in our lives!


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