Teacher Appreciation Week- Thursday

Today’s gift was such a fun activity to do with the kids.  I love when they get to help me in the kitchen, as long as they’re not “helping” when I’m working on a client order.  Since these gifts are for their teachers I thought it would only be fitting if there were helping to create them.

We started off by swinging by Panda Express on our way home from boxing yesterday.  We grabbed a few orders of fortune cookies ($1 for 10 cookies).  We brought them home and melted down some chocolate melts that I had leftover from other projects.  I showed the kids how to dip half of the cookie in the chocolate and then add whatever sprinkles they wanted.  I pulled out a bunch of different sprinkle options so that the kids had plenty to choose from.

When they were done decorating them we placed them in the fridge to harden while we ate dinner.


After the kids had gone to bed I placed 10 cookies in each of the take-out boxes that we had grabbed at Michael’s.  I attached a simple tag to the front and just like that their gifts were ready to go.

Since today is the last day of school for Jacob and Joseph I wanted them to take their big present today.  We made the rice krispies while the big kids were at school.  It was as simple as making the treats but putting them into circular cake pans instead of rectangular bakeware.  Once they had cooled I placed them on a super cute charger that we grabbed at Michael’s for $1 and drizzled a little melted chocolate over the top of each layer.

I decorated it with a little ribbon and some cute flags to give it a bit more height and a handwritten note.

Super easy, super cute, and super kid friendly!  Joseph helped me wrap the whole thing in cellophane and he got to carry that onto the bus while Jacob carried the fortune cookies.  They were both beaming with pride as they carried their treats to their teacher.


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