Teacher Appreciation Week- Friday

Today is the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week.  I wanted the last gift to be big and impressive.  Not for the fact that I made it but to almost draw attention to my kids’ teachers and set them apart from the other teachers.  This is my chance to make the other teachers jealous of my teachers and to have others think “Wow, I wonder what she does in her classroom that would warrant something like that from her students?!?!”

I know that might sound weird or maybe even childish, but when this is really the only way that you can bring attention to the amazing work and sacrifice that your teacher has made then I’ll do it because my kids have three of the most amazing teachers in the world!!!

I made the same basic rice krispie cake that I made for Joseph and Jacob’s teacher yesterday, but I added a third tier.  I simply used a heart cookie cutter and cut out a couple of hearts to add to the top, trimmed it in coordinating ribbon, and topped it with cute toppers!  I spent more time handwriting them letters of thanks.

I don’t know if they’ll ever know how much good they did for my children but I wanted to at least express my gratitude for their efforts and persistence and I hope they could feel that this week!


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