Soccer- Week 7

Since the Jacob was still pretty sick last week we missed soccer, again.  It’s been so sporadic I’m surprised they remember their coaches.  No, I’m not really but I feel bad that we couldn’t be more consistent this season.  I’m glad that it’s at least keeping them exposed.

Since the kids are in different leagues because of their ages the first hour of soccer is always quite enjoyable.  That’s when Jacob and Joseph are playing and Benjamin and Emma actually sit and watch and cheer them on.  The second hour is quite the opposite.  I spend more time running after Jacob and trying desperately to entertain Joseph so that he doesn’t run off as well.  I guess it’s not as much fun to actually watch the game as it is to play in it.

This week, was so hot we decided to sit in the shade of a nearby tree.  Close enough so I could watch the other kids but not so close that they could see or hear me cheering.  Jacob stayed seated because it was too hot out in the open and Joseph was adventurous and ran from tree to tree climbing them as best he could.  Hey, it helped them pass the time and I was able to watch the other kids play so well.  Benjamin made some pretty awesome goals!

There was a funny bit when Joseph called me over real excited because he could finally do pull-ups!!!


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