Mother’s Day Memories

What a wonderful weekend.  The only way it could have been better is if I hadn’t lost my voice.  I’m sure the kids were thinking the exact opposite 🙂 .  I’ve been really getting on their nerves with packing and cleaning up lately.  Actually, it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t talk.  The only time it became a problem was when I wanted to laugh – it actually hurt.

The kids made my bed for me yesterday morning and started with the lovely Happy Mother’s Day pamperings.  I hardly make my bed anymore it seems because we somehow end up in there as a big group at some point in the day.  It’s either during reading time, or just for snuggles, or when I actually dare to shut my eyes with the little ones for an hour or so.  Seeing it made and so creatively was such a treat!  I really believe that the best presents are the ones thought out and done with time and love rather than grabbing something off a shelf at some store.  I still appreciate those kinds of gifts but I’d much rather have something like this than a piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day or any other day!

My Mother’s Day started yesterday when my dad told me to call my husband.  I thought that was kind of odd but when I grabbed my phone to call him I realized that it had been on vibrate all day and I had missed 5 calls from him.  I didn’t wait to listen to the voice mails but if I had I would have found out that Jared was in San Francisco at 1:00 pm and that he’s be arriving in Vegas at about 3:30 that afternoon.  The only problem with all of that was that it was already 5:00 pm when I was calling him back.  Oops!!!  As soon as the kids were done getting their hair cut we drove straight to the airport and picked up daddy!

It was a quiet night for me.  Jared and the kid entertained each other pretty well.  It was nice to just sit back and watch them all.  It’s amazing to me how just having Jared in the same house is so stress relieving.

I slept like a log last night but when I woke up I had hardly any voice.  I vaguely  remember Jared going out and getting me some medicine because I kept coughing, but after that I was out like a light.  I got to sleep in until 9:00, which for a Sunday is a real treat!  Daddy and the kids made me breakfast in bed, which usually just means that the kids get a head start on their breakfast in my bed 🙂 .  They usually load my plate to overflowing so there’s never a problem if they share it with me.  Maybe that’s why they do that?!?


The kids proceeded to give me their presents that they had worked so hard on all week at school and at home.  Jacob and Joseph each gave me beautiful cards with their hand prints on them!  I LOVE presents like that where you can look back at them and actually gauge how big or small they were.

Joseph’s card was attached to a watch.  Friday, while waiting for Benjamin at boxing, we ran into World Market to browse.  Joseph found the jewelry and pointed to a watch hanging up.

Joseph: “I want to get that for you for Mother’s Day!”
ME: “Well that’s very nice of you.”
Joseph: “Can I borrow some money so I can buy it for you?”
ME: “Sure!”
Joseph: “Okay, but you can’t know about it!  It’s a secret!”

One of these days we’ll have to really get into what a secret is, but it sure was aweful sweet!!!  When we got home that day, he grabbed the watch out of the bag and a whole roll of tape and proceeded to “wrap” it for me 🙂 .  He didn’t use the whole roll but pretty darn close!


Emma had written me a poem in class and typed it up all by herself.  For me I know how much this means to her and how much “the purplest” means because she’s so in love/obsessed with that color!  She had memorized it for me so she recited it while I read it.

At this point everything was so beautiful and perfect but then Benjamin, oh Benjamin, his gift threw me for a loop.  But a good loop!  I had to scan in all the pages to his gift because I wanted to remember this years and years from now!  I am constantly amazed at how his mind works.  He’s so much like his daddy, which is a marvelous thing!  Jared might say differently but that’s one of the things that I love so much about him!

This was when I realized how inconvenient it was to not be able to speak.  I couldn’t laugh and I wanted to belly laugh while reading this!!!  I LOVED IT!!!!!


It was one of the most unexpected gifts I received but one that I know he put a lot of thought into.  It’s hard to make those comparisons but he did it perfectly!  My favorite one is the one about dung beetles!  It’s priceless!!!  But this is so Benjamin.  He soaks up all this information all the time and then throws it back at you in unexpected ways!

Oh, I love being a mother!  I love that I get to stay home with my children and watch and help them grow!  I love that I get to experience days like today which are near perfection!  I love my Heavenly Father for giving me these four amazing children to watch over and learn from!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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